Style Wars – Nicki vs Ariana

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Celebrity Style Wars – Nicki vs Ariana

We love checking out celebrity style and taking inspiration from our favourite stars. Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande are two celebs whose looks we love! They are also two of the biggest names in music at the moment, and are known to be good pals. But with the news they will be releasing their upcoming albums on the same date (and speculation that Nicki put her release date back on purpose to compete with Ari!!!) we think there’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition.  We can’t comment on the albums yet (the release date is August 17th) but we can comment on our favourite thing to talk about, their style! Here’s the first of our Celebrity Style Wars series, Nicki vs Ariana….


 Stage Style

So which star had the best performance style? This was a tricky one, as we love both looks here. But Nicki just edges it with her kimono and thigh high boots combo.


celebrity style wars


Street Style

Now for the street style.  While we like Nicki’s glamorous look, Ariana’s casual , sporty style is our winner. We love that pastel puffer!


Airport Style

Only celebrities would still manage to look fabulous at the airport. Ariana is our winner here with her adorable onesie/space buns combo.

Editorial Style

When it comes to editorial fashion, Nicki takes the prize! Her look here is simple, yet amazing, who knew metallic joggers and a bra-let would go so well together.


Night Out Style

Both these outfits are cute, but Nicki’s has that extra edge.  We really rate a two piece at the minute and hers is a perfect party outfit.


Red Carpet Style

Our favourite category.  Both these dresses are gorgeous, but Ariana’s is next level. Bonus points for her hair accessory too.

Verdict : DRAW!

It’s official, with 3 points each, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande are both style queens! Noe we just have to wait and see who wins in the music stakes…

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