Kylie Jenner’s Hair Journey

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 Kylie Jenner’s Hair Journey

Tomorrow is Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday! To celebrate we are taking a look at how she has evolved over the years with a timeline of her most memorable hairstyles. From lime green to barbie blonde, this girl ha

s done it all. Check out Kylie Jenner’s hair journey below…


July 2016

This style of bob was big in the noughties, and in 2016, 18 year old Kylie put it back in fashion. A grown up hairstyle for such a young girl, this look showed that Kylie meant business.

kylie jenner's hair

October 2016

This messy blonde bob was a more playful look for Kylie, and proves she can suit hair colour at both ends of the spectrum.

October 2016

Perhaps one of her most talked about hairstyles, Kylie proved she was a trendsetter when this look sent the world mad! Rose gold hair was everywhere, and for good reason. It looks amazing!

November 2016

We love a sleek high ponytail! In November 2016 Kylie went back to blonde, and to a style that shows off her features beautifully. Get hair like this yourself with out Christine Long Straight Ponytail. 

February 2017

A slightly edgier style, this wavy bob brings out Kylie’s inner rock chic.

April 2017

This style caused controversy, people either loved or hated Kylie’s lime green locks. We purposefully rate the look as a one off, but wouldn’t want to see it on her all the time.

May 2017

Kylie looks like a true barbie girl in this editorial shoot. This isn’t her real hair, and proves wigs can be perfect for a gorgeous look to change things up. Get the look yourself with our Olivia Curly Full Head Wig.


July 2017

This girl truly can work any colour! We think this long burgundy hair from last summer is one of our favourite Kylie looks. Try long straight hair like this with our Envy Straight Hair Extensions.


April 2018

This show stopping long was worn by Kylie for Coachella. At a festival where everyone is trying to out do each-other in the style stakes, Kylie really stood out with this look. We are impressed!

April 2018

And we love her second Coachella look even more! This shade of blue, which Kylie calls ‘Demin Blue,’ is rarely seen on hair and we can’t think of why? It looks STUNNING!

August 2018

And now Kylie is back to her classic look we all know and love. While we love all her hairstyles, there is a special place in our hearts for her long dark locks. Get long, thick waves like this yourself with our Candice Loose Curl Hair Extensions.

Which one of Kylie’s hairstyles if your fave? Hit us up on social media to let us know…

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