Madonna’s Top 10 Looks

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Madonna’s Top 10 Looks

Today is Madonna’s 60th birthday! She looks gorgeous at 60 and still dresses on point, we are in awe of her style. The star has had so many amazing outfits over the years. In celebration of her birthday, here is Madonna’s top 10 looks.

10. Gothic Goes Yellow

This isn’t a look we would necessarily wear, but Madonna can wear anything! She pulls of this unusual gown effortlessly.

Madonna's top 10 looks

9. Punk Princess

Madonna proves here that there’s no age limit on rocking a risque outfit. That blazer is the star of the show!

8. Cowgirl Class

This outfit is both head-turning and sophisticated. Only Madonna could make a cowgirl outfit look classy.

7. 80s Revival

Madonna began her amazing career in the 80s so it’s nice to see her bringing back 80s inspired looks in more modern times. We love that hair accessory.

6. 80’s Original

But when it comes to original 80’s Madonna, her chilled out tomboy look is total goals. It was this unique style that cemented her as a fashion icon for years to come.

5. Material Girl

This iconic look proves Madonna can do girly girl style just as well. That dress is the perfect shade of pink!

4. Puffy White Dress

And this look is just the cutest! Fresh faced Madonna looks like an 80’s princess in this adorable prom dress and gloves combo.

3. Iconic Cone Bra

This look from the 1990 Blonde Ambition tour will go down in history. Celebs such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have been inspired by this trend, but no one does it quite like Madonna.

2. Marylin Inspired

Wow! Madonna’s Marylin Monroe inspired outfit from the 1991 Oskar’s is all the Hollywood glamour. Her and Michael Jackson look like the king and queen of pop.

1.Queen Madonna

And Madonna still has it going on in 2018. This look from the recent met Gala cements her as a style queen.



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