Choosing the Right Hair Extensions: A KOKO Couture Guide

How to Choose the right hair extensions

How to Choose the Right Synthetic Hair Extensions: A KOKO Couture Hair Guide

So you’re looking to try hair extensions yay, well you’ve come to the right place! We know that it can get oh so confusing when deciding which hair will work best for you. And there’s nothing worse than receiving fresh locks that just suit! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered girl. We have created a special synthetic hair extension guide, which will help you pick the right KOKO Couture hair extensions based on your hair type. We’ve listed all the deets on our range of synthetic clip-in hairstyles so that you can make the best decision for you!

Hair Extensions and Your Hair Type

Thin Hair

Hair that works best: Dolce, Rosie, Selena, Lorna

Thin and fine hair are not to be confused with one another. Thin hair refers to the overall density of hair. Those with thin hair have hair follicles further away from each other, creating a sparse look. This can leave the scalp more prone to exposure. We recommend only using 1 weft hair extensions placed no higher than the eyebrow line. More than 1 weft may be difficult to conceal and show through on the scalp. Each of our 1 weft hair extensions ranges in style, weight and length so you’ll be sure to find one that works best for you!


Fine & Short Hair

Hair that works best: Rosie, Dolce, Chiara, Miranda

Choosing hair extensions for fine and short hair can be a nightmare! But don’t worry, we got you covered. Fine hair refers to the diameter of each hair strand. Is your hair thinner than a strand of sewing thread? If so, you’ve got fine hair! We recommend using extensions that aren’t super lengthy to help give hair a more natural look. The Rosie, Dolce and Chiara hair extensions range in length from 16”-18” which is ideal for blending into shorter and finer hair. For hair that is already layered, both the Dolce and Rosie 1 weft hair extensions will work well. For hair that is not layered and the same length all around, try out the Chiara Hair Extensions. They come with 3 wefts which allows you to create your own layers to blend into natural hair.


Thick & Short Hair

Hair that works bestMirandaChiara, Envy, Kylie, Lena, Candice, Abigail, Angella

Finding hair extensions for thick and short hair can be equally as frustrating as the hair types above. Again, it’s all about creating those natural layers that can be blended out. That’s why for this type of hair, we recommend using hair extensions with 3 wefts or more. For thinner thick hair, stick in the 3-5 weft range so that all the extensions can be fully concealed. From straight to curly to beach waves, our 3-5 weft hair extensions all range in weight, style, and length. So the choice is yours!

Now we know that some ladies have extra thick hair and that 3 wefts just won’t cut it! But fear not, because we also stock 8 weft hair extensions. These will disguise themselves perfectly into natural hair! Creating some serious Princess locks.


Long Hair

Hair that works best: It depends

Ah, the luxury of having long hair! You have a wider choice when it comes to hair extensions. But to find the right set, you will have to consider a few things first. Is your hair on the thinner side? If so, it’s probably best to stick in the 1-3 weft range. For thicker hair, go bigger with any amount of wefts. For hair that is not already layered you will need to use at least 3 wefts to give your hair some added layers. Blend, blend, blend. For hair that is already layered you can choose whichever hair extensions you desire. Just make sure they are the same length or longer than your natural hair! If this is getting a little confusing, just look to the charts below for some extra guidance.


The Hairstyles


Our Hair & Your Hair


Tips: Styling Synthetic Hair Extensions

Tip 1. Niggly Hair Nightmare: Ever clip your extension in and notice your natural hair poking out from underneath? Here’s a trick we’ve learnt to keep these babies at bay! Flip your hair extensions up, grab the niggly hairs from your neck, twist them up and pin them away. Thus keeping your glorious locks on display!

Tip 2. Curls for Days: For ladies with super thin hair, try opting for a curly hairstyle. This will keep hair looking voluminous and create the illusion of thicker hair.

Tip 3. Backcomb Backcomb: Having thin hair means there ain’t much for your hair extension clip to hold on to. Annoying, we know! Gently backcomb the root of your hair in order to create a base for the clips to grip into. For even better results, use hairspray to firm up the root before application.

Tip 4. Too Shiny: Both real and synthetic hair extensions can come with an unnatural shine. Ain’t nobody got time for that! To fix this, spray them with some dry shampoo or go even cheaper and use some baby powder. Shine be gone!


How to Pick the Right Colour of Hair Extensions

So we’ve guided you towards choosing the right style of synthetic hair extensions, but what about colour? Never fear, KOKO Couture is here! Our expert team will help assist you in choosing the right shade of hair. There’s more to hair colour than being a blonde, brunette or redhead, which is where it can get tricky! Is your hair golden brown? Chestnut brown? Dark brown? That’s where we come in handy to help you. Send us 2-3 photos of your hair in natural light via social media or email, and we will come back with your closest match. Here’s a blog post we created to help you get the most accurate colour match. How to Colour Match Your Hair Extensions

Your Princess Hair Awaits

Hopefully by now, you are confident in choosing yourself some uh-mazing hair extensions that fit your hair perfectly! KOKO Couture hair extensions are super affordable, as prices range between £10.99 – £21.99. And we only use premium synthetic hair fibres, which can be heated up to 160 degrees Celsius. You can be sure to add some extra length, volume, and overall sass to your look with KOKO Couture hair. If you’re still stuck and need a little more guidance, contact us via email ( or social media.


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