KOKO Couture hair extension questions

Hair FAQs


This is the section of the website where you can find out more about KOKO Couture hair products. For information about international delivery and other payments please see our T&Cs page.


Do hair extensions really feel like natural hair? Do they have a shiny look to it?

Customers who have used human hair extensions before can be wary to try synthetic hair. The mono-fibre used have been carefully developed to look as natural as possible, with the look and feel of human hair.


Do you have a guide for colour (colour chart)?

The colour reference point can be found in the shade options shown in product descriptions. Alternatively, you can email a photo of your hair taken in natural daylight to get a recommended shade from the KOKO Couture team. You can see our guide to best photographing your hair for a match here.


I’m thinking of going with a particular colour. Have you got a real life photo of this colour in natural light?

We can send you a picture of any requested shade using one of our samples to give you more of an idea of the colour, just drop us an email with the details.


Why are Koko Couture hair products such a great price?

At KOKO Couture we are all about helping you refresh your look with affordable accessories. Our synthetic hair products offer better value than human hair alternatives.


Can you use heat on your hair products?

You can use heat up to 160 degrees Celsius on Koko Hair’s extensions and Koko Couture’s half-heads and up to 180 degrees Celsius on Koko Couture’s hair extensions. We would not recommend using heat unless absolutely necessary to maintain the hair quality.


Can I use my shampoo and conditioner on your hair pieces?

Yes, of course you can! We recommend using shampoos and conditioners which do not contain any sulphates, parabens and silicones. Regular shampoo may damage the fibre. Ideally use shampoos and conditioners specially made for synthetic fibre, extensions and wigs.


Can I dye extensions if the colour is not matching me? Can I use toner to slightly change the colour? I’ve seen that other people are commenting that they have used dyes for textile and have dyed their extensions, does it work?

We do not recommended dying KOKO Couture hair extensions because they are synthetic and synthetic fibre is different from human hair. It will not grab the hair dye or toner because its structure does not have the pores for the dye to soak in, so will not dye and the ingredients may harm the fibre.


How do I avoid my hair extensions getting tangled after I have used them many times ?

KOKO Couture hair extensions can generally be kept in their best condition for up to six weeks, depending on how they are cared for. Synthetic fibre is different from human hair as it requires special care, it does not last that long as human hair. Our softening spray is designed specially for synthetic fibre, extensions or wigs, extending the softness of synthetic hair products.


My extensions are too long! Do you do some that are slightly shorter?

Most of our extensions are approximately 22-24 inches long. However we do have the Dolce (at 18 inches) and Rosie (at 16 inches), for a shorter look. Some of our customers trim the long extensions to get the exact length they want.


How thick are the hair pieces?

A guide to hair weight is below:

1 piece set (24 inches) ~ 170 grams

1 piece set (16-18 inches) ~ 160 grams

3 pieces set (24 inches) ~ 230 grams

5 pieces set (20 inches) ~ 270 grams

8 pieces set (22 inches) ~ 320 grams

KOKO Couture one piece hair extensions are equivalent to a medium-sized ponytail, weighing approximately 170 grams. Many of our customers are happy with one piece, but for super size hair big hair some customers do use two sets. For customers with short hair, we recommend three piece/five piece/eight piece sets to build layers and allow short hair to blend in easily.

We have customers with pixie haircuts who have got a great, long hair look through blending hair extensions in: