We have an extensive range of clip in ponytails to enhance your natural look and add some glamour to your hairstyle. Our ponytail range is vast with different styles and lengths including straight, wavy, bouncy and curly. The ponytail range we supply is of the highest hair quality and we can provide real hair ponytail extensions which can be heat styled or synthetic hair ponytail extensions. The ponytail range we have available comes in all different colours so you can be reassured that you will find a ponytail extension to match your natural hair. Take a look at our beautiful range here.

Ponytails are a timeless and versatile hairstyle that have remained popular across cultures and generations. Characterised by gathering the hair and securing it at the back of the head or at the nape of the neck with an elastic band or ribbon, ponytails offer practicality and style. They can be sleek and sophisticated for formal occasions, effortlessly casual for everyday wear, or even sporty for workouts. Ponytails are favoured for their ease of creation and ability to keep hair out of the face, making them a go-to option for individuals with varying hair lengths and textures. Additionally, ponytails can be adorned with accessories like bows, scrunchies, or hair clips to add a touch of personal flair. Whether worn high, low, or somewhere in between, the ponytail remains a classic choice for those seeking simplicity and elegance in their hairstyle.