How to Colour Match Your Hair Extensions


How to Colour Match Your Hair Extensions. A KOKO Couture Hair Guide.

It can be tough to accurately colour match hair extensions to your own hair colour, which is why here at KOKO Couture our team of specialist colour matchers, are here to help find the perfect shade for you. But, how can you be sure to get the right match?

Our team are always happy to help when it comes to colour matching hair extensions, it’s as simple as dropping a selfie in our inbox! Whilst we are here to help, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the clearest picture possible, to ensure the best colour for your look.


Curly hair extension weft from KOKO Couture


Step 1. The Lighting.

It’s important to find the right light for your photo so we can get the most accurate idea of your colour possible. Try your best to find the most natural lighting available; going outside or standing by a window where the light shines on you gives a realistic representation.

Natural light is needed to colour match your hair extensions


Step 2. The Camera.

Although you don’t need to go all-out with a professional photo shoot for our colour matchers, the better the quality of your photo, the better an idea of your shade we can get.


KOKO Couture can help you colour match your hair extensions


Step 3. The angle.

Our team are swarmed with photos every day of different customers requesting a colour match. Something that is continuously appearing in our inbox is photos of roots, rather than tips. It is important that we are able to make a colour match with the last few inches of your hair, as it is this hair that needs to be blended with your extensions. So make sure the tips of your hair are visible in your photo too!


Get the right shade hair extensions when you colour match your hair with KOKO Couture


Step 4. The Filter.

Ditch your filter! We believe strongly that each and every one of our customers are absolutely gorgeous! But alongside this, using a filter on your picture alters the original colouring, therefore we cannot guarantee to find the best shade when colour matching the extensions.


Step 5. The Hairpiece.

It’s important you let us know what hairpiece you are looking for when you send off for your colour match. Our shades differ ever so slightly from product to product. So we are more likely to find the perfect match if you let us know what you’re looking for.



So there you have it, colour matching hair extensions in 5 easy steps! We look forward to finding your perfect hair match. Be sure to follow us on social media for all the latest KoKo Couture happenings.


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