Festival Fashion Essentials

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Festival Fashion Essentials

Festival season is now in full swing! Which festival are you going to? And more importantly, what are you WEARING?! Festival season is one of the best times of year to express yourself through style, after all – anything goes. However, there’s also some must have wardrobe staples to pack in your rucksack. Check out our list of festival fashion essentials for some guidance…


We love a good bodysuit and with them increasing in popularity recently the options are endless. There’s so many to choose from so go for something that suits your personality, but here’s a couple that have caught our eye.

Sparkly Bodysuit – Topshop – £29

Embroidered Bodysuit – PrettyLittleThing – £15


Bumbags are the most practical way to keep your essentials together when out at a festival. After all, when your dancing in a crowd you want your valuables close, and if they are strapped to your body in a bumbag you’re extra unlikely to lose them! Plus, they look great too.

Studded Bumbag – KoKo Couture – £19

Bumbag With Purse – KoKo Couture – £19

Metallic Jacket

We all know that festival weather cannot be trusted. Has anyone ever actually been to a fest with beautiful sunshine all weekend? Bad weather has come to be part and parcel of the festival vibes so we might as well embrace it with a fab jacket. This year we are going for metallic ones.

Gold Jacket  – Topshop – £95

Glitter Rain Mac – PrettyLittleThing – £35

Tracksuit Bottoms

Festivals aren’t all about raving, there’s also a lot of chilling involved. It’s easy to forget to take comfy clothes to a fest, but when you do remember to do this you will thank yourself 100 times over, trust us. A funky pair of trackies is the perfect solution as they can be worn for both chilling and dancing alike.

Adidas Trackies  – Topshop – £70

Cheesecloth Joggers – New Look – £15.99

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats look cool, but more importantly they are a great way to hide your festival hair. Lets face it, when there’s no decent showers on offer we can be forgiven for not washing our hair for the entirety of the weekend. Just stick on a bucket hat and you’re sorted.

Black Bucket  Hat – Missguided – £4

Silver Bucket Hat – Topshop – £18


This one doesn’t even need an explanation. If your going to a festival in the UK, there will be mud and lots of it. Wellies are a practical must have, but there’s no reason they can’t look great too. This year we are loving glitter and animal print designs.

Glitter Wellies – Peacock – £7

Leopard Print Wellies – New Look  – £19.99


We hope you like our list, but we love to see your ideas for festival fashion too! If your going to a fest this summer, don’t forget to send us some snaps of your style! And if you like our content, follow us on social too…

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