Hair Extensions Guide – 10 Things You Want To Know

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Hair Extensions Guide – 10 Things You Want To Know

Hair extensions have changed our life, literally! While we think everyone who wishes should get themselves some new hair pronto, we know it’s important to make sure your equipped with all the knowledge you need before making a purchase. After all, with so many options, the whole hair extension thing can be a big confusing. Whether your a newbie or not, there’s always more to learn! So that’s why we have worked out a hair extensions guide, and the answers to those questions. (Also, we just love talking about hair!) Check it out below….

Who wears them?

More people than you think! Always wondering why your favourite celebs have thick long locks when yours won’t grow past your shoulders? Yep, hair extensions! Not many people naturally have princess hair, it just doesn’t grow like that! You can bet that most of the stars, influencers and beauty queens who’s hair we swoon over are actually using hair extensions or hair pieces to achieve the look.

hair extensions guide

 Product: 100% Human Hair Extensions

Babe: @reena.mayybeauty

What different kind of hair extensions are there?

Lots. If you want to add to your hair you have loads of options! For a start, you can either go for classic hair extensions, or a half head wig. Synthetic hair extensions are more affordable and still give you the the natural feel and look that you crave. But if you want extra luxury, human hair extensions are an option too.  KoKo Couture has a wide range of hair styles and lengths to choose from. Depending on your hair type you might want to get a single piece or up to an 8 piece set.

Product: 1 Piece Dolce extensions

Babe: @saffyneedham

Which hair extensions should i get?

It all depends on what you want to achieve. Are you going for length or thickness? Do you want straight, curly or wavy hair? A fully natural look, or something a little different like a dip dye? Asking yourselves these questions before choosing your hair extensions will help you make the right decision.

Your current hair type plays a big part in deciding which extensions to get. Here’s a guide on how to pick the best extensions according to your hair type.

Product: Kylie Beach Wave Extensions

Babe: @auaulynn

What are the benefits of wearing hair extensions?

There’s lots of benefits to wearing hair extensions. Obviously, having luscious looks will make us feel fabulous and be our most confident selves. Hair extensions can also be a great idea if we fancy a change that isn’t as permanent as a dye or a cut, or want a new look for a special occasion. They can help us disguise a haircut we regret, or give a boost to thin or damaged hair. A quick and low maintenance way of getting a wow factor look, saving us time getting ready, they can help us avoid damaging our own hair with straighteners or curling tongs. Just clip in your pre-styled hair instead.  It’s a win-win all round really.


 Product: Candice Hair Extensions

 Babe: @malvarezmakeup

Will they damage my hair?

Not at all. Koko Couture extensions are clip in, so they won’t put any strain on your hair. In fact, extensions can actually help protect your natural hair, as they can give it a break from being over-styled.

Product : Kylie Beach Wave Extensions

Babe: @_abyfoxx_


How should I style my hair extensions?

Part of the beauty of hair extensions is that you don’t have to style them. If your in a rush in the morning (aren’t we all) just clip them in and get really for pre-styled fabulousness. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be styled. There’s so much you can do with hair extensions, the added length and volume gives you so many more options when styling your hair. Pretty much any style you can do on natural hair you can do with hair extensions too. From glam up do’s, to on trend braids, to that classic half up/half down look we all love so much – hair extensions can help you achieve it all. Accessories are also a good shout, at the minute we are loving big 90’s style hairbands and cute 90s barrettes.


Product: Candice Hair Extensions

Babe: @luevueblog

Can I use heat on my hair extensions?

If your addicted to your GHD’s, you will probably want to know that Koko Couture hair extensions can take heat up to 160 degrees celsius. So if  you really must, you can go for it with the curling iron or straighteners. However, remember heat is biggest enemy for hair, even for human hair, we don’t recommend use heat on synthetic hair extensions, it’s the reason our synthetic extensions are all pre-styled.

Product: Eva Half-Head Wig 

Babe: elliereess

How can I make sure they look natural?

KoKo Couture hair extensions are made from premium class synthetic fibres that look and feel natural, and will blend in easily with your own hair. So all you need to do is make sure you get the colour right! And we can help you with this. Just send us a pic of your hair (through email or social media) and our specialist colour matching team will let you know which colour is right for you. Check out our guide on how to get the most accurate picture of your hair to help us help you. 


 Product: 100% Human Hair Extensions

Babe: @reena.mayybeauty

Will they suit me?

Yes! We believe hair extensions are for everyone! So many different girls (and boys) have used our hair extensions, and each and every one of you look gorgeous! One of the reasons we have such a wide range of styles is to make sure there’s something for everyone, so whatever your look and personality – we bet you will find something that suits!

 Product: Lena Curly Hair Extensions 
Babe: @laurita_mak

How do I look after my hair extensions?

Just like the hair on your head, it’s important to take care of your hair extensions. Luckily at KoKo Couture we have a couple of tools to help you maintain softness and minimise damage , both created specifically for synthetic hair.

Koko Couture hairspray helps fibres to stay soft and silky and reduce any static that can occur with wear. Just spray it into the hair, run it through and allow it to dry, giving your synthetic hair the care it needs stay softer for longer.

The Koko Couture natural bristle brush is kind to hair, gently detangling, whilst minimising static and split ends. We recommend starting to brush from the bottom sections of hair, working your way to the mid sections and finally the roots for a perfectly groomed look.

What about washing? How often you wash your synthetic hair depends on how often you wear it, for regular wear this can be around every 2 weeks. It’s best to wash synthetic hair in cool water, avoiding shampoos and conditioners with sulphates, parabens and silicones. Regular shampoo may damage the fibre. Ideally use shampoos and conditioners specially made for synthetic fibre, extensions and wigs.

 Product: Lena Curly Hair Extensions 

Babe: ohmygeeee



If you have an more questions, they might be answered in our FAQ. 

But if there is anything else you wan’t to know, just ask us!

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