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KOKO Couture’s 11 Hair No No’s

Wondering why your hair isn’t slaying as much as you want it to? It can be frustrating when no matter what we do to our hair, we can’t get the desired effect. And one bad hair day after another can start to get us down. If you feel that your hair isn’t reaching its full potential, it might be because your committing a serious hair sin without knowing it. Check out our list of hair no no’s so you know what NOT to do.

1. Daily washing

Washing your hair is a good thing, surely? Well yes, it is, but only in moderation. Washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils, leaving it looking dull and unhealthy. If that’s not enough to convince you, it also dries out the scalp which can cause dandruff. (If that doesn’t make us say NOPE we don’t know what does.) Depending on your hair type, 1-3 washes a week should suffice, however, we recommend no more than 2. Now, all that’s left to decide is what you are going to do with all that extra time!


2. Too much heat

Using heat appliances too often is probably the worst thing you can do to your hair. By using these appliances, we are literally frying our hair. Once it’s fried, it’s fried, there’s no coming back from that. Seriously, it can’t be repaired no matter how many times you frantically deep condition it. And fried hair ain’t pretty (it also smells kind of gross!) But we get it, it’s party season and we want big, styled hair, right? Get the look with our pre-styled hair extensions or hair pieces instead. And if you must resort to the straighteners, make sure to use a heat protection spray.

3. Brushing wet hair

You might have heard that brushing your hair while wet can be bad for it, but why? Brushing wet hair puts a lot of tension on the strands that would usually slide right through your brush. This can cause SERIOUS breakage. To brush your hair after a shower without causing damage you should towel dry first. Do this by squeezing, rather than rough drying (as this can cause damage, too). Then if you can, try and let your hair dry naturally – at least around 80%, until you pick up the brush.

4. Not getting enough trims

We have all heard the myth that cutting our hair makes it grow faster. This isn’t strictly true – we don’t need to be a scientist to know that having a trim won’t make the hair grow faster out of our scalp. However, the main reason to get regular trims is that it stops split ends. And split ends will stop you from achieving the longer hair you desire. They make your hair weak and can lead to breakage, damage that can quickly spread upwards. And they don’t look too great either, so if you haven’t been in a while, get yourself booked in for a trim ASAP.

5. Cheating on your hairdresser

If you have found a hairdresser you love, stick with them! They will get to know how you like your hair and what looks good on you. This is knowledge that someone new isn’t going to have. Especially if you get your hair coloured. It’s so hard to get colour perfect, so if your hairdresser can do it, don’t take them for granted. Also, cheating is mean!

6. Sticking with a bad hairdresser 

While you should never cheat, if your hairdresser isn’t giving you what you want, it might be time to end that relationship. Your hairdresser should be making you feel like the total queen that you are. They should make you feel amazing about your hair. If you never get that fabulous ‘just left the salon’ feeling after a date with your stylist, then it might call for a breakup! Also be wary of hairdressers that constantly try to sell you products or treatments, they might not have your best interests in mind. After all, getting your hair done ain’t cheap!

7. Using the wrong shampoo/conditioner 

There’s a reason shampoo and conditioners have labels on them (such as ‘frizz ease’ or ‘for oily hair’). You should pay attention to these labels. Think about what hair nightmares you want your products to help with, and pick your shampoo/conditioner accordingly. Getting the perfect product might take a bit of trial and error, so try a few until you get one that suits. Remeber that your hair may not like a product straight away. Be sure to give it 6 weeks until you move onto the next. And if you fancy getting your research mode on, read reviews and ask around to see what’s best on the market for your hair needs. Or even better, ask your new trusty hairdresser! 😉

8. Beware of bleach

Much like using heat, bleach is REALLY BAD for your hair. We know this is sad to hear if you like that platinum look, but there comes a time where u must choose between the colour you crave and a healthy condition. Bleached hair will become dry and brittle, causing it to break and matt easily. It also needs extra care, so if you do HAVE to do it, make sure to avoid the other hair sins in this article. (One hair sin is enough guys!) If you’re going ahead with bleach, try something more subtle such as bleached highlights, so as not to damage your whole head of hair.

9. Using the wrong brush

You should use different brushes for different things. For example, the brush that you use for de-tangling will be different to the brush you use for styling. As a general guide go for a paddle brush for a quick once over to flatten out the frizz. A round brush is ideal for a voluminous blowout. And we all know backcombing is TERRIBLE for your hair but if you must do it for a special occasion, make sure to use a teasing brush. The right brush depends on your hair type as well, so do your research/ask your hairdresser what is best for you.

10. Too tight up do’s 

If you like wearing your hair in a slick ponytail, this can seem like a tricky one to avoid. But wearing your hair super tight and pulled back every day can damage your hair follicles to the point where they fall out. (By the way, this will lead to a permeant receding hairline, not a good look!!!!!) If you like wearing your hair up, loose buns or plaits won’t do as much damage, and they are also super chic. Try to let your hair down when you sleep, as tossing and turning will lead to extra strain.

11. Elastic hair ties 

Elasticated hair ties will strain your hair, causing the strands to snap. If you like wearing your hair up, try an elastic free hair tie or a scrunchie instead. (Bonus points for scrunchies if you rate that 90s baby vibe!). Try not to tie your hair in the same point on your head every time you wear it up, as this will cause repeated damage to the same area.


Be good and don’t commit any of these hair sins, and get ready for the hair of your dreams!


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