Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas – Clown, Vampire, Mermaid and More…

Hands up if Halloween is your favourite time of year! Us too, it’s so much fun and a great excuse for a party. We all want a wow-factor costume that stands out from the crowd, but we also don’t fancy spending our hard-earned cash on a whole new outfit (that we will only be worn once)! That’s why we believe creating costumes using wigs and makeup. It’s the affordable and original way to slay this Halloween. Think outside the box ladies!

We’re here to help you feel inspired. So check out these creative Halloween costume ideas from the super talented Scarlett Makeup Artist, featuring KOKO Couture Party Wigs. Remember, one party wig can be used to create a variety of different looks (which is especially useful if your Halloween calendar is looking full). You can adapt Scarlett’s ideas to suit the KOKO Couture party wig of your choice. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!



Featuring our Cerise Bob Party Wig, the scary clown is the perfect costume for 2017. The release of Steven King’s horror classic IT in cinemas means that clowns are big news this Halloween, so it’s the perfect time to rock this look. While this may seem complicated, Scarlett’s awesome tutorial gives you a step by step guide to creating your scary clown face and we promise it’s actually much easier than it looks. To create this look, Scarlett recommends that you have face paint, glitter, stick on gems and fake blood to hand. However, if you’re on a tight budget, a more simplistic (but still fabulous) look can be created using just face paint. Here’s Scarlett’s tutorial (link to the YouTube tutorial).

Follow the link for the full clown makeup tutorial. Scarlett has listed all the products she has used in the video description.




This costume, created using our Poppy Red Long Curly Party Wig, is the perfect balance of scary and sexy. We love a vampire look because despite being classically scary characters, vampires have something seriously glamorous and sophisticated about them. To create this look you will need face paint and false lashes, alongside a selection of your typical makeup. This costume looks super professional, but with the help of Scarlett’s video tutorial (and perhaps a little bit of practice) you can create makeup artist worthy Vampire look that will be sure to wow everyone this Halloween.

Follow the link for the full Vampire makeup tutorial. Scarlett has listed all the in the description for this video too.


If neither the Scary Clown or Vampire is for you, check out some more ways Scarlett has used KOKO Couture party wigs to create Halloween style…


Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Cat

Creepy Cat

A twist on the classic cat look. Cat costumes have developed a reputation for being a bit basic. But if you want to get some more use out of your much-loved cat ears, pairing it with a brightly coloured wig (such as the Neon Blue Long Curly Party Wig) is a great way to make the cat costume cool again. The best part about this costume idea is that you will need MINIMAL products. Liquid eyeliner, check. Glitter, check. Blending brush, check. You’re good to go!


 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Mermaid

Halloween Mermaid

Let’s face it, we all love feeling like a mermaid #mermaidhair. So why not adopt the style to fulfill your Halloween costume fantasies? We love Scarlett’s blue and green focused colour scheme (using the KOKO Couture Atlantic Blue Long Curly Party Wig). This zombified mermaid is both spooky and stunning. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even make your own Mermaid crown. Here’s a cool video we found to help!


 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Broken Doll

Broken Doll

Dolls can be creepy enough on their own, but to make this classic Halloween costume a little more creative why not opt for a Broken Doll? Using our Lavender Long Curly Party Wig and some gorgeously girly makeup, this cute costume is scarily adorable. Use liquid eyeliner (or black face paint) to create the cracks, white paint to highlight the lines and some blush to make those cheeks extra rosy. EASY PEASY!


 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Candy

Exploding Candy

How about a look inspired by your very own Halloween treats? Yes, CANDY! This idea is super creative (we bet no one else will think of it). It calls for a lot of glitter, so it is definitely a favourite of ours. The KOKO Couture Neon Blue Long Curly Party Wig and some brightly coloured contacts will help you go full whack with this look. Don’t be afraid to go all out.

You can shop the full range of party wigs on our website all year round. There are heaps of colours to choose from, which means even more creative Hallowen looks are waiting to be made. Let us know if you have any ideas you think we should add and don’t forget to send us some snaps of your Halloween style. Happy haunting! 😘


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