Beauty Tips You Need To Know

beauty tips

Beauty Tips You Need To Know

You can never know too many beauty tips! While we have all heard the more obvious ones, such as drinking enough water, there’s a world full of life-saving beauty hacks out there. We have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of our favourite tried and tested beauty tips that REALLY WORK. Thank us later xx

1.Apply white liner under your eyeshadow.

This will make your eyeshadow stay on longer and the colour will really pop. Perfect if you want a bright look.

2.Re-use your expensive mascara brushes.

A big part of what makes expensive mascara’s so good is that the brushes are high quality. They are designed specially to give you the longest thickest lashes. When your best mascara runs out, and you can’t afford to replace it, keep the brush! You can use it with a cheaper mascara for a better effect.

3.Setting spray is your friend.

What’s the difference between your makeup staying in place or sliding off within half an hour? Setting spray! Spray some of this over your makeup before heading out to keep it lasting all night. Avoid the temptation to use hairspray instead – it might be cheaper but its horrendous for your skin. Our fave setting spray is urban decay’s All Nighter.

beauty tips

 4.Wear sunscreen all year round

In the short term this may seem like more hassle than its worth but in the long term, you will thank us! Sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of aging, and it can still affect our skin in winter. The only way to protect your skin is sunscreen. (Or never leaving the house – but where’s the fun in that!)

5.Apply lip balm to your nail cuticles.

When putting on lip balm, add a bit to your nail cuticles. it only takes a sec and will stop them from getting dry and cracked. Painful hangnails no more!

6.Try black eyelash glue.

If you find your eyelash glue shows up against your makeup, try a black one instead. It can also help line your eyes for an eyeliner effect. We love this one from Ardell.

7.Try nude liner on your waterline.

This will make your eyes appear for open and larger giving you a fresh-faced look. It will look less harsh and artificial than white liner.

8.Dry your hair with a t-shirt, not a towel.

This minimizes friction, helping to prevent frizz, breakage and split ends. Once you have tried this, you won’t go back to a towel, we promise!

9.Flick your eyeliner down.

Flicking your eyeliner down instead of up will make your eyes appear larger. Goodbye cat eye, hello to the new trend puppy dog eyes! Here’s a tutorial from glamour.

10.Wiggle, don’t brush, your mascara.

This helps your mascara have a well-defined base, and separates the lashes so they don’t get clumpy.

11. Brush your brows after applying pencil.

This will make your eyebrows look more natural, and help you avoid a harsh drawn on effect. Use a brow brush, or improvise with a clean mascara brush.

12.Wash your face before exercise.

We all know you should wash your face after a workout. But did you know it’s a good idea to wash it before as well? If you don’t wash your face before a workout then you are sweating up against all of the oil, dirt, debris, and makeup that is on your skin, which can clog your pores.

13.Take pictures to your hair stylist.

This is so simple, but it’s often something that’s overlooked. There’s nothing worse than leaving the salon with hair that isn’t what we wanted. But hair stylist’s aren’t mind-readers, pictures are the only way they can visualize exactly what you want. Plus, they will be able to tell you if the look is achievable with your hair type and colour.

14.Rinse hair with cold water.

Yes, this is a bit grim, but brave the cold and your hair will thank you. After all, beauty is pain. Cold water helps to seal your hair cuticle, making it lay smoothly. A smoother hair cuticle better reflects light, giving your hair the appearance of shine

15.False hair needs care too.

If you wear synthetic hair extensions, you need to show them some love by using the right products. Try using KoKo Couture’s special hairbrush and hairspray. 

beauty tips

16.Pick the right blusher application for your face shape.

If you want a rounder, youthful look – apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks. If you want a more sculpted look, apply to your cheekbones.

17.Spray your bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in.

Find your bobby pins are always slipping out of place? This will help make them stick, the perfect solution if you want a hairstyle to stay in place all night.

18.Blend foundation outwards.

One of the biggest foundation faux pa’s is when you can see a thick line of foundation around your jaw or hairline. To avoid this, apply your foundation to the middle of your face and blend out.

19.Sharpen the edges of your lipstick with concealer.

If your lipstick never gives you the perfect shape you want – try using concealer (or even an eyeliner that matches your skin tone) to sharpen the edges, the more pointed stick will help you get a more defined look. A great technique for creating the perfect cupid’s bow.

20.Use dots to get symmetrical winged liner.

We all know one of the biggest beauty difficulties is getting winged liner right. The dot technique will help you get a clean line with both eyes matching. Here’s a tutorial from Charlotte Tilbury. 

 21.Test your makeup in different lighting.

Bathroom lighting is often very bright, and can make your makeup appear very different to how it actually is. For example, makeup that looks subtle and clean in your bathroom mirror may appear harsh or messy outside. For this reason, it’s a good idea to check your look in several different environments, just use a pocket mirror.

We hope you liked our beauty tips! If you have any more you think we should add, please get in touch! And don’t forget to follow us on social for all the latest fashion and beauty content!

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