The benefits of clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions have dramatically increased in popularity over the last few years, this is due to the many benefits of having clip in hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are probably the easiest and cost-effective ways of achieving longer, thicker and fuller hair. Many celebrities opt for using clip in hair extensions as they make it much easier to change your look and style regularly rather than using micro ring hair extensions, bonded hair extensions and weft hair extensions.

Here are a few of the benefits as to why we think that clip in hair extensions are fantastic.

Easy to use

Clip in hair extensions are easy to use even if you are not a master of hair. The hair extensions are secured with a simple silicone gip that matches the colour of the hair. The clip in easily and are removed easily using no glue or anything that will hair the natural hair. The clip in hair extensions we supply, if you opt for the human hair ones are also easily styled. The synthetic clip in hair is already styled so is even easier!

No salon required

This is a fantastic benefit as it saves money and time. You can use clip in extensions as and when required, you don’t need to commit to glued in or sewn in extensions which need a lot of maintenance and salon appointments for re fitting. This in turn saves damage to your hair and saves you money.


Clip in hair extensions can enhance your natural hair and look really stylish and enable you to have long luscious thick hair easily.

Damage limitation

Clip in hair extensions don’t damage your real hair which is a major benefit to most of our clients who purchase our clip in hair extensions. The clips on our hair extensions are designed to be gentle to your hair and do not cause damage which is inevitable with most semi-permanent options of hair extension choices.

Saves time

Using clip in hair extensions doesn’t take much time as they are easy to apply and once styled tend to hold their style for a good few wear. This means less time getting ready and more time to have fun.

There are so many benefits to using clip in hair extensions as they are extremely versatile and easy to use. Take a look at our range of clip in hair extensions here. If you have any questions or queries, contact us and speak to one of our hair extension specialists who will be more than happy to help.