A Perfect Colour Match For Synthetic Hair Pieces – How To

Online colour match


It can be a struggle to shop online, especially when you are trying to buy some hair extensions! It can get so frustrating to find your perfect shade – we know how hard it can get trying to compare your own hair next to your phone’s screen or asking your friend’s help to pick between two or even four shades and trying to guess the right colour. Is that you? Say no more – we are offering a free colour matching service. All you have to do? Send us some selfies with your photos. Easy peasy!


Before you send in your photos, make sure to follow these steps for those perfect colour-matching photos:


First of all, find a good spot where to take a photo. It is best when it is done under natural daylight (not in direct sun rays, of course, as it will brighten and make your hair look warmer) – a good spot would be next to the window or even outside! Also, make sure you take a photo of the mid-bottom part of the hair. If you are looking to buy a ponytail or scrunchie, then snap an image of the top of your hair as well. Once an image has been taken, it is a good idea to compare the lightning – it should not be too bright on the image as it is in person.


hair colour match light difference


We strongly do not recommend you to use any filters or alter the colour of your photo as doing that will definitely affect the colour of the photo which may result in a wrong colour match!



Once you’re done, send your photos over by e-mail (customerservice@kokocouture.co.uk) or pop into our DMs on Instagram or Facebook!