Can You Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions? Here is What You Need to Know



Have you ever been in this situation – you wake up one morning and think that your current hair colour looks boring? We definitely have! So a few days later you get an appointment with your hairdresser and you get a fresh colour, and suddenly realise that all your hair extensions and hairpieces do not match your new look. The first thought is dyeing them – but can you dye Koko Couture’s synthetic hair extensions and hairpieces?



The simple answer is – NO.



Our synthetic hair extensions are made from a synthetic fibre which is not the same structure as human hair. If you zoom in on the synthetic hair fibre, it does not have the pores for the hair dye to soak in and leave its pigment. If you do decide to try and dye synthetic hair extensions using dyes for human hair, unfortunately, you will not only not dye the hairpiece, but it will also damage the fibre making it more prone to tangling and matting. This in turn will make the hair more brittle and it will lose its original softness.

Our synthetic hair extensions, ponytails, and many other hairpieces come in more than 25 shades. Koko Couture hair extension and hairpiece range is super affordable and your new hair colour could be easily matched to a new shade without damaging your current hairpieces! If you need a colour match, you can always rely on our colour matching specialists and request a colour match.