KOKO Couture’s Black Friday Survival Guide


 How to Survive Black Friday: A KOKO Couture Guide

Ok, so Black Friday (24th November) is fast approaching, we better get ourselves prepared! Everybody loves a deal and Black Friday can be a lot of fun (hello, shopping) but there’s no escaping the fact that it can also be a bit of a nightmare. A scary one at that, you sure do see some sights when hitting the shops. However, there are ways to make Black Friday more fun less fear. We have a created a Black Friday Survival Guide to help you get the most out of what’s on offer. Here are our top tips to give you a head start on the crowd, and get your hands on someone the best deals this Black Friday!


1. Do your research 

To get the most out of your money check out what’s going down with your brands, stores, and products of interest in advance. Some retailers will post their Black Friday offers before the big day, so to get ahead of the game it’s a good idea to have a search for this too.


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2. Think about how you shop best 

Everyone has different ways of shopping efficiently, have a think about what suits you. For example, some of us like to bring along our bestie and work as a team, whereas for others that’s a guaranteed way to ruin a friendship.


Blair Waldorf Shopping

3. Dress for the stress

Black Friday is the only day of the year when we couldn’t care less about looking on point. Dress for comfort and wear clothes you can change in and out of fast, sweatpants are acceptable. Footwear wise, go for trainers (there may or may not be running involved)!


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4. Snack smart

Our favourite thing about an average shopping trip might be grabbing a relaxed lunch in our favourite coffee shop. But the words ‘relaxed’ and ‘Black Friday’ don’t really go together… Bring food you can eat on the go (as if we needed an excuse to pack a bag of our fave snacks). And don’t forget a bottle of water, dehydration isn’t a good look!


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5. Bring something to do in the Que

This might seem a little silly, we know it’s a shopping trip and not a school trip. But who wants to be bored right! We aren’t suggesting a crossword puzzle (though if that’s your thing, you do you) but at least make sure you have a charged iPod and headphones. Because trust us, there WILL be ques.


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6. Decide on a budget 

Sometimes the lure of sales can end up having the opposite effect on our bank account that intended. Plan a budget of how much you can afford to spend and stick to it. Or at least try to, we are only human after all!


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7. Look at Return Policies

Yes, this is the boring bit but it’s so vital. Knowing a stores return policy will let you know where it’s OK to make a quick buy, and where you need to think a bit more about your purchase. After all, no one wants to be stuck with an item they bought in a moment of madness.


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8. Plan your route

Plan which shops you want to go and in what order. We suggest you go to the ones you care most about first (obviously). But consider the proximity of the shops as well, you don’t want to keep going back on yourself. That wastes precious bargain hunting time.


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9. Manage your expectations

Like Halloween and New Year’s Eve, Black Friday never quite lives up to expectations. You might be planning to come away with a whole new winter wardrobe, and yet all you bring home is a pair of sparkly leggings. That’s OK (especially if the leggings are fabulous).


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10. Be an early bird

This goes without saying, but if your anything like us and are ALWAYS late, you might need a gentle reminder. Find out when the stores open and get there for then (expect ques, there’s always going to be someone more extra than you)! If you’re doing your black Friday shopping online, check your fave websites at midnight. Or even earlier, some stores start there deals one or two days in advance. (KOKO Couture included, wink wink).


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 Don’t forget, we have some pretty fab deals for you too!
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