How To Rock Red Hair Extensions

Red hair is increasingly popular and here at Koko Couture we have a fabulous range of red hair extensions to choose from.

Gone are the days red hair was being covered up, its time to embrace and rock the red look and our wide range of red hair extensions can help enhance your red hair beauty.

Red hair is so vibrant and looks fabulous on so many skin tones. The possibilities are endless with red hair and here we look at the red hair extensions we have on offer at Koko Couture and the tones and shades we have to choose from.

Our expert colour matchers will provide you with the exact match for your red hair extensions allowing you to rock the red.

If your hair is light or dark red or even a mixture of red tones, we will have red extension to suit you.

There are many different shades of red hair extensions, and it can sometimes get a little confusing with the terminology to understand exactly what tone and colour you need for your red hair extensions, but our experts are on hand to help.

Some of the colours and terms you may want to understand when you are looking for red hair extensions will include.

  • Copper – Copper is a vibrant range of bronze and red tones
  • Auburn – Auburn is a subtle ginger shade of red
  • Mahogany – This is a deep red closer to a brown shade
  • Warm – If red hair is described as warm it has gold or red undertones
  • Undertone – This is a subtle tone which is underneath the surface of the hair which make the overall colour
  • Ginger – An orange shade of red hair
  • Bright Red – Exactly what it says!
  • Golden – Orange and yellow tones
  • Brassy – This is a term used when the hair is to orange or yellow

If you have red hair and you are looking for red hair extensions take a look at our range. If you are unsure of the tone or colour you require talk to one of our experts today.