Valentines Day Beauty Looks We Love

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Valentines Day Inspired Beauty Looks We Love

Okay so Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us (don’t worry if your single AF, we are too!) How are you spending it? Drinking wine and eating pizza with the girlies? Celebrating with your significant other? A microwave meal for one? Single or not, it’s the perfect excuse for a tasty cheat meal! 😉 Love is in the air and we are feelin’ it! So, we have rounded up some Valentines Day inspire beauty looks from some of the best MUA’s and beauty bloggers about. There’s plenty of hearts, shades of red and shimmer! If this ain’t Valentine’s inspo, we don’t know what is. 💘


This is so adorable we can’t cope! Heart shaped blusher is the perfect way to make a statement this valentines day. You can try this look with different shades of blush, from hot pink to soft peach to get the look which best compliments your skin tone. We particularly rate blusher by Two Faced. Make sure to spray this look with setting spray so it doesn’t turn into a big smudgy mess. For a tutorial on this eyes for this look, head to the fabulous peach pit’s insta.



Valentine’s day is a great excuse to wear as much pink as possible. Pink doesn’t just have to be for your lips and cheeks, don’t be scared to use it on your eyes too. We love how Jessy has paired this makeup with bouncey Hollywood curls. Get your own big hair here with our range of hair extensions and hair pieces.



Now that is TALENT! Everything about this eye makeup is perfect, from the cutcrease to the brows. Makeup artist Nicole (who has more Valentines looks on her insta) really is a genius. Some clever tricks at work here! Using white liner instead of black is a modern take on the classic cat eye. And white mascara on our bottom lids can make our eyes appear bigger. Nicole, please do our makeup!



This super sweet love-heart look reminds of our favourite valentines day candy. And it looks delicious. Make sure to use a highly pigmented eyeshadow, and unless you have a very steady hand, stencils to create the hearts. The gorgeous and uber talented Daija Jenkins has more Valentines Day looks to inspire you. Check them out on her insta.



We love this colour scheme! Rose pink and turquoise are two colours that go together beautifully. We also rate how Laura has incorporated gems into this design. (Gems are the new glitter for 2018 after all, and you can get pearl ones like these from dollskill here .) Super sleek brows are essential to framing this show-stopping eye makeup.



Wet look eyeshadow is another key trend for 2018. It’s perfect top create a fresh faced, dewy look. You can achieve this effect buy using a special liquid eyeshadow (try this one by NYX) or by adding highlighter over your usual eyeshadow. This effect is wow enough on its own, but we love how Claudia added a glittery gold heart for a sparkly valentine’s touch.



The little heart on Beth’s cheek is inspired by Marina and the Diamonds in her video for Primadonna Girl. We are deffo going to be using it too.  Keep the rest of your makeup simple (but stunning) like Beth and let the heart do the talking. That’s what Valentines Day is for after all.



We ofcourse like the sweet and girly valentines looks. But we also love a look with a little bit of edge, like this one by makeup artist Valeria. This look sort of reminds us of a beautiful Valentines day zombie and is pretty but super badass at the same time. Also, bonus point for those awesome lashes.



Hot pink is a colour that is feminine but also means business. So it’s perfect for a badass chick to incorporate into her valentines day makeup, like the gorgeous Ellie has here. If your feeling artsy, sequins are another sparkly touch that you can add to your makeup – just use eyelash glue. We also rate how Ellie has added subtle glitter to this look for the perfect finishing touch.


Got any Valentines looks of your own you think we should see? Get sending the pics in, we might even feature you on our social media! And if you rate our content, don’t forget to give us a follow.

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