2018 Hair Trends: Style Predictions

2018 Hair Trends

KOKO Couture’s 2018 Hair Trends Predictions

2018 has just got started so our #NewYearNewMe motivation hasn’t quite worn off yet, especially when it comes to our style. We are super excited to try out some of the trends that will be big news this year! In this week’s blog we will be looking at the hair trends that have been making waves on the catwalk, and are sure to take off in the year to come. Check them out below!

Double Barrete

This look, as seen on the Versace runway is so adorable! Perfect for when we want to feel super cute, and works with every hair type, what’s not to love? Have some fun trying out different styles of barrette and see what fits your personality best. We plan to get ourselves a big collection.


Grunge Blonde

Dirty blonde hair gives us those 90s grunge vibes are makes us want to reach for our old Nirvana album. This year it’s going high fashion, and is also a popular new choice with celebs such as Selena Gomez. Great for if you want to try blonde for the first time, it wont cause anywhere near as much damage as going platinum blonde.


Bouncy Blow-dry

You know that feeling when you just step out of the hairdressers with your hair freshly blow dried? That feeling is in! We just wish we could get our blow dry as on point as our stylist can.


Laid-back & Low Maintenance

We love this look, seen at the JP Anderson show because it requires pretty much no time to achieve. Think schoolgirl vibes and natural beauty. Wash your hair and leave it to dry naturally. For this one make sure your hair is in tip top condition as damaged hair will be easy to spot without a complicated style to distract from it.


Bubble Ponytails

This awesome look was of course brought back by our fave style queen Rihanna, in her Fenty show. A sporty look that’s in keeping with the athleisure theme that seems to run through Rihanna’s ranges, its super fun and fresh. Use bobbles to match your hair for a neutral, more sophisticated take on the look, or bright colours like the Fenty models for extra fun.


80s Inspiration

80s clothing has been dominating the catwalks for a while now, and now it’s moving to the hair and beauty style too! There are many ways to rock this trend but we are particularly loving curly pineapple ponytails, as seen at the Calvin Luo show.


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