2018 Makeup Trends: Style Predictions

2018 makeup trends

KOKO Couture’s 2018 Makeup Trend Predictions

Last week we gave you the hair trends that were set to dominate 2018, and now it’s time for the makeup. Taking inspiration from the top fashion week brands, we have compiled a list of makeup trends that are big news for 2018, so you can get ahead of the game. These looks are sure to turn heads, but we made sure they are actually wearable too! Thank us later…

Dramatic Liner – Marc Jacobs

This old school look, which is a nod to our teen goth days, has gone high fashion. In order to pull this look off you should keep the rest of your makeup subtle. Use a good quality liner and keep in place with setting spray. Avoiding smudge is a must or you’ll end up with panda eyes.


Glossy Lips – Dolce and Gabbana

Lip gloss is super fun, don’t you think? It’s makes us feel super youthful and is a great product because it works whether the rest of your makeup is minimal or heavy. Plus you don’t have to worry about getting in a mess when eating/drinking/kissing like you do with lipstick. This year, berry pinks are getting us in the mood for spring!


Posh Metallics – Versace

Metallic eyes have gone luxe. Use gold and brown based tones for a look that is both glamorous and grown up. This will really draw people to your eyes so get practising that smize! (this means smiling with your eyes btw)


Watercolour Makeup – Chanel

This romantic look is a nod to the vintage but still manages to be totally modern. For blush use a strobing technique and for your eyes fill from your eyelid to your eyebrow. Use soft, matte colours to get this right, too much shimmer or glitter will leave you looking like a clown. Get this right and you will be as pretty as a picture!


Clumpy Lashes – Dior

Clumpy lashes are one of those trends that go in and out of fashion dramatically. But they are back! For the meantime anyway. And they can be super flattering, really bringing out your eyes and a good alternative to falsies. To achieve this look, try using an eyelash primer under your mascara to make your lashes thicker. But don’t go TOO clumpy, think 60s Twiggy not dead spider.



You know how much we love glitter, but since everyone is wearing it now we dare say it’s got a little bit basic. Gems are a new way to stand out from the crowd and feel like a fairy at the same time. While this was originally a festival trend, the catwalk proves it can work with casual-wear too. If gems aren’t your thing you can also try attaching sequins with eyelash glue.


Pastel Perfection – Sophia Webster

This model looks like a fairy princess (especially with that adorable ear jewellery). If your brave try this look without mascara or eyeliner to keep it fresh and ethereal. You can play about with your favourite pastel colours, but this we are especially loving lilac. Add highlighter for a holographic effect.


Rounded Eyeliner – Jason Wu

This look as super popular on fashion week, it was also the main look for Tom Ford.To achieve it, trace the outline first, then fill it in.If your worried about getting this neat, use a smokey grey eye shadow rather than black liner for a more subtle look.


Holographic Eyeliner – The Blonds

We aren’t sure how comfortable walking round with bits of card (or whatever that is) stuck to ours eyes would actually be, but this looks amazing! Use glitter or shimmer eyeliner for a more achieveable take on this futuristic space queen look.


Kick-Flare Lashes – N21

This look is so pretty and is a clever trick to make your eyes look bigger. We recommend using falsies as curling your natural eyelashes can damage them and even make them fall out! Try this look with soft pink tones and neutral makeup for a pretty, feminine look.


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