5 ways to get the most out of your synthetic hair

Hair extension and synthetic hair care from KOKO Couture

5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Synthetic Hair Extensions

So many hair options, so little time! Whether we’re talking about maintaining your regular clip in hair extensions, a glam half head wig for the weekend, or some colourful fun for a festival, there are plenty of ways to experiment with your hair. Here at Koko Couture we want you to get the best from your styles, so have created our top tips to make the most of enhanced hair.


1. Mixing your hair extensions up

As with getting the most from your footwear, the same principle applies: try to avoid wearing the same every day. Either having days off, or mixing different hair pieces up means your synthetic hair isn’t exposed to daily wear and tear. When it comes to going for different options, you can mix up between straight and curly, or a cheeky clip in flash of ombre colour can add a fun alternative to your regular colour. Our ombre clip in hair extensions come in a range of colours, as well as curly and straight; the pure blonde to pastel pink weft is a favourite here at KOKO Couture.

Blonde hair extensions with pastel pink ombre colour

2. Washing synthetic hair

How often you wash your synthetic hair depends on how often you wear it, for regular wear this can be around every 2 weeks. It’s best to wash synthetic hair in cool water, avoiding shampoos and conditioners with sulphates, parabens and silicones. Regular shampoo may damage the fibre. Ideally use shampoos and conditioners specially made for synthetic fibre, extensions and wigs.

3. Styling your hair extensions

Whilst wigs and hair extensions look fabulous just as they are, if you’re feeling creative you can of course style your synthetic hair to however you fancy: from intricate French plaits, pinning waves into a glam up do, or even transforming straight locks to a curly look. It’s good to know that Koko Couture hair extensions can take heat up to 160 degrees celsius, whilst half heads can go up to 180. So if the mood takes you, you can go for it with the curling iron or straighteners. However, remember heat is biggest enemy for hair, even for human hair, we don’t recommend use heat on synthetic hair extension, it’s the reason our synthetic extensions are all pre-styled.

Clip in hair extensions in toffee brown
4. Accessorizing your hair extensions

There really are no limits when it comes to accessories, from cute hairbands, to hats, flowers and ribbons, especially when it comes to festival season when you can go all out. Blogger Janina Loves styles her Envy clip in hair extensions with a pretty, floral summer headpiece in the blog here.

5. Keep your hair piece in its best condition

As with any hair which gets swooshed about, as it rightly should, there are considerations to get the most from your hair. Luckily at Koko Couture we have a couple of helping hands when it comes to maintaining softness and minimising damage, both created specifically for synthetic hair.

Koko Couture hairspray helps fibres to maintain softness and reduce any static that can occur with wear. Just spray it into the hair, run it through and allow it to dry, giving your synthetic hair the care it needs stay softer for longer. 

The Koko Couture natural bristle brush is kind to hair, gently detangling, whilst minimising static and split ends. We recommend starting to brush from the bottom sections of hair, working your way to the mid sections and finally the roots for a perfectly groomed look.

And that’s your top tips for caring for synthetic hair, may your manes stay shiny and soft and always look fresh!