KoKo Couture’s Winter Hair Care Tips


Tips That Will Save Your Hair This Winter

Looking after your hair is important all year round, and ain’t a one-off job. As the months get colder, harsh winter weather is cause for a little extra care. Plus, we want to make sure our hair in on point for all those glamorous festive parties! At KOKO Couture HQ we have gathered some of our lifesaving hair tips for winter. We wish we knew some of these sooner rather than later!

1.Use A Weekly Hair Mask

A hair mask is a great way to give ourselves a weekly treat, and the benefits to your barnet cannot be dismissed. A good mask will help aid the effects of winter damage, taking hair that looks a little bit sad and making it happy again. If a fancy store-bought mask is out of your budget, why not make your own using oil? Our favourites include argan, extra virgin olive, coconut, jojoba and avocado oil. Try these beauties with some essential oils and you’ll have your very own au naturale hair rescue! And we all know a little coconut oil can go a long way! 😘

2.Don’t Wash It Too Much

So many of us wash our hair more than is necessary (guilty). The reason our hair gets oily is that it creates a natural oil called sebum. This oil moistens our locks and keeps them from drying out. If you wash your hair too often, it will then strip itself of its natural oils. Leaving it more likely to dry out in the elements. Ironically, by trying to get rid the oil through frequent washing, our scalp becomes dry. Which causes us to produce EVEN MORE oil! It’s a vicious cycle you don’t want to get caught in! Yes, grease might be our worst nightmare but depending on your hair type 1-2 washes a week can be enough to keep it clean. And if you are worried about grease, then we’ve got some tips down below for you. Plus, that extra half hour in bed on a cold morning sounds appealing, don’t ya think?

Tips for styling greasy hair

  1. Use clips to create add extra height to your crown. Counter hair flatness by strategically lifting hair to give it some extra ummph!
  2. Dry shampoo is your BFF. Apply dry shampoo to all the problem areas, and don’t forget to spray from a distance!
  3. Conceal your oily fringe with braids. Braid hair from the hairline backwards for optimum disguise.
  4. Slick it back. You can’t go wrong with a sexy and slick ponytail. This will add sass and volume to once lifeless and flat hair. Hair too short for a sassy ponytail? Check out our range of ponytail hair extensions here.

3.Cool It On The Heat Appliances

There is a reason why our hairdresser tells us repeatedly that over-straightening, curling, or blow drying our hair is REALLY bad. By using these appliances, we are literally frying our hair. Once it’s fried, it’s gone. Seriously, it can’t be repaired no matter how much split end treatment you use. Continually using heat will cause long-term damage that is hard to reverse. But we get it, it’s party season and we want big, fully styled hair, right? Get the look with our pre-styled hair extensions or hair pieces instead. And give your natural hair a break. Check out KOKO Couture’s range of hair extensions here.

4. Minimise Hot Showers and Baths 

Yeah okay. This one is hard. In the colder months, it can be soooooo tempting to spend ages soaking in a hot bath or shower. I mean, we do deserve it after all. But this will dry out your locks big time! So try and wash your hair in cold or lukewarm water as much as you can. Cold water allows your hairs cuticles to seal up and lock in that all important moisture. It will also give it some extra shine. Cooler water is much better for your skin too, so fill two needs with one deed. After all, beauty is pain. 😂

5. Defend hair from the elements

One way of looking after your hair in winter is by keeping it away from the elements altogether. High winds can cause hair to tangle, snap and become dry. And what happens when we try to brush this hair? It breaks even more! Talk about never-ending #hairproblems. When spending time outside in winter, a great option can be wrapping your hair up in a hat or scarf. Giving it that little extra protection it from the cold. Sometimes Woolly fabrics can cause friction which results in frizz or breakage. So why not try a silk scarf instead? Plus it looks super stylish too.


6. Get a trim

We know venturing away from the warmth of our homes is not fun (unless there’s food involved). But girl, you need to book in and get your hair cut! It may seem counterproductive to cut hair, especially if you want to grow it long. But regular trims are a godsend for the overall health of your hair for two reasons.
  1. It Helps Prevent split ends. If you have split ends, it’s best to give them a chop. No treatment will “magically” repair them overnight. Doing this will prevent your split ends from traveling further up your hair. Which would cause even more damage.
  2. It Promotes healthy hair. The less damage in your hair means more room for healthy hair. Taking care of damaged and broken hair is not an easy (or fun) task! By eliminating it you leave yourself with only healthy strands of hair. Which allows for even more healthy hair to grow.

Hair tips for Winter - Megan Fox Hair Flip


We hope you appreciate our hair tips for winter and we want to hear yours too. Leave a comment or drop us a message if there’s anything you think we should add to this list! And don’t forget, if you like our content, follow us on social too!

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